Ages: 12 – 15

The workshop will use Arduino microprocessors as a base, and participants will have a chance to invent and code their own gadgets using sensors, motors and breadboards. This is yet another course which will encourage original thinking through project-based work and the only limitation is the students’ imagination.


Arduino is where electronics and computer programming meet. Using this microprocessor and coding language, students create exciting devices with sensors and outputs to interact with the world around them!

Students use breadboards and electronic components, plus C-based Arduino language to program their Arduino microcontroller to read inputs and produce outputs. If that all sounds a bit technical, it’s because it is! But Arduino was developed with hobbyists and newcomers in mind, so it’s also extremely accessible. Students will soon find themselves controlling LED flashing lights, switches, sounds, buttons, vibrations and even robots, all with the help of their Arduino microcontroller!  Arduinos are provided for use during the course, but many students prefer to buy an Arduino separately so that they can take their creations with them for continued development at the end of the course.