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Ages: 12-15 / 15-18

The design process teaches how to brainstorm, design, build, test, evaluate and revise solutions which then can be shared. The challenges which form this course offer students fun ways to apply the design process in order to exercise their creativity and practice important skills such as problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking.


Get a real sense of the design process which engineers use to solve a problem or find a solution. Learn how to use mistakes to tackle problems and how to address the issue of failure. Explore prototyping and the process of evaluation.

This course is structured in an easy and transparent way which makes it fun for the students. Each challenge is made up of 4 very distinct stages:
1. Introduction to the Challenge
2. Brainstorming and design
3. Build, test, evaluate and redesign
4. Present and discuss

This course helps develop and nourish the three main skills any child needs to thrive in today’s Fourth Industry Revolution: complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.