FUTURA Innovative Education was born as a concept on a particularly hot and sunny afternoon, whilst driving into the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The sight of expansive slums neighbouring with pristine football pitches located near school buildings of “better neighbourhoods”, filled with neatly dressed children kicking ball was a stark reminder of the inequality in educational potential which exists in so many areas of the world.

What if we could provide 21st education which could eventually become the universal language of every child and youth willing to develop skills which do not require text books and classrooms.

Our team is made up of people who believe in this amazing opportunity and have a sense of mission. After all the transformation of education concerns us all!!!

Our team is a reflection of this global challenge.


Elzbieta Skurzynska (Poland)

Margaret Winiarczyk (Europe)

Izabela Disterheft (Poland)

Margaret Winiarczyk (Europe)

Elzbieta Skurzynska (Poland)

Izabela Disterheft (Poland)


Joanna Kalkstein (Australia)

Jill Hodges – FTC (USA / UK)

Dr. Cristal Glangchai
– Venture Labs (USA)

Agnieszka Kaim

Mom, cultural manager & a fan of all things vintage. Design Thinking enthusiast.

Steve Johnson

Designed and built in England, exported to Poland for additional testing…

Dan Micu

Trainer and educator with IT & tech skills. Naturally curious about everything!

Arkadiusz Naruk

Engineer, educator, blogger at anaruk.co.uk. Coach of public speaking. Loves travelling.

Artur Łappo

Space enthusiast, music selector and junior programmer.

Michał Krasiuk

Public affairs and communications advisor. Passionate about election campaigns, fiction writing and ukulele.

Andrzej Piotrowski

Cheerful programmer and tester.

Thomas Jakobczyk

Lateral thinker and aviation maniac.

Mateusz Kopacz

Golf player, horse rider, programmer. Passionate about anything new tech.

Bartosz Dołęga

Young entrepreneur, petrolhead, passionate about photography and travelling.

Łukasz Gąsior

Passionate programmer and travelling enthusiast.

Kamil Andrzejewski

Science and technology enthusiast, interested in robotics.

Tomasz Garski

Parkour and martial arts enthusiast. Passionate about programming and electronics.

Hlib Stryzhak

Young aviator, climber and traveler. Likes music and dancing 😉


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