Today’s world is a digitalised hyper competitive society. It is more and more difficult to be unique, since everyone has access to the internet and the abundant ideas you find there. It’s not easy to come up with something original and innovative.

But what can you actually learn from using social media?

First of all, skill of management and creativity.

Let’s say you are an inspired amateur artist or designer and you want to build awareness for your name using a social media app. You set up an account, website and promote your posts.

But then what?

It takes time to be noticed in a huge crowd of so many users of the web. A promotional campaign is necessary so you can reach the people that are constantly online. You come across a lot of catchy advertisements so grabbing someone’s attention isn’t a piece of cake.

Local Heros is a perfect example of a fashion brand that became popular by getting noticed on the social media platform, Instagram. It got so popular across, not only Europe but also the US, that they’ve collaborated with Disney and created their own fashion collection. The brand became an overnight success when a famous fashion model wore their t-shirt on her trip to New York. The publicity was all they needed to really take off. It all depends on how effectively you can promote your product and how fast you gain an audience. After that the road to success gets much easier.

Then you need the skills of communication and team-work.

Your brand has been successful and a lot of people have been recommending your products. You’ve recruited a crew of talented people to support your business. But you need to keep your communication with them open and dynamic so they can involve themselves with the brand and help it grow. You also need to know how to manage the team and work together for that success.

We all need these basic skills to succeed in today’s world. But how to develop them?

A lot of girls unfortunately abandon their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. One expert said that 98% of children are rich in those traits and skills which help us to be creative and entrepreneurial. When girls start to go to school, those abilities fade away. Women are being often outnumbered in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
So what if girls could be taught entrepreneurship before going to college?

What goods would it bring for them?

The author of “Venture Girls” , a great book which my Mum gave me to read, states that “when girls are exposed to entrepreneurial thinking, they become more aware of opportunities, develop their soft skills, and improve their power to think critically and creatively”.

Thus being in touch with those soft skills makes you more open-minded and helps you solve problems faster. We can all use social media as a way of developing and showing our creativity, a first step in entrepreneurship. Social media can be a great way to talk about our ideas. We just need to express our creativity.

My personal opinion is that everyone should be free to complete their goals and have the confidence to pursue their dreams. Technology can help us in that. Children, especially girls, should be encouraged to develop soft skills which are our super powers of the future. If we have those super powers in advance will make be well prepared for our future jobs.


By: Claire Winiarczyk