Transform your passion for gaming into new tech skills! This course will provide you with the tools to create your own video games to play on the web or your smartphone. Participating in the course gives you a possibility to put your gaming experience and imagination into action. You end the course with an original solution that you can take home, play and show to family and friends. This is a class for all abilities and ages.






10 sessions



Become a story teller! Students will learn how to storyboard and structure their game.


By applying behaviours and attributes to characters, testing, de-bugging, perfecting a product, students get familiar with behaviour-based logic systems. This method is known as Object Oriented Programming (OOP).


Construct 3® is used by students to develop games students can play on any platform. This free software allows students to work with an impressive library of behaviours and attributes, and produce some great-looking final products.


If playing computer games is your hobby, this course can be a first step towards creating your own games.


Video Game Design is a perfect way to the coding world. Course participants get familiar with object-oriented programming and the basics of artificial intelligence. We will learn how to go about testing, debugging and fine-tuning games.


By applying the experience and knowledge gained during this course as well as their imagination, students will be able to create games which they can play with friends.

- The course will allow participants to gain knowledge of basic programming skills and understand the principles behind AI by using the Scratch coding language.

- Participants will learn basic concepts of graphic and animation design.

- Students will learn how to use the Construct 3® game design environment. This open source software platform allows participants to continue developing their projects after completing this course.

Example projects student complete:

- Participants will create a Flappy Plane game based on the well-known and very popular Flappy Birds game.

- Participants will create their own platform game.

Students will gain knowledge in the following fields:

- How to storyboard and structure a game.
- Working in the Construct 3 environment.
- Basics of graphic and animation design.
- Object-oriented programming based on Scratch.
- Testing and debugging.


“This course really boosted my confidence with computers and video game design. It was really fun and I made a lot of friends I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to. Writing the coding was even more fun than playing the games!”

Christina, UK


We have a maximum of 8 students per tutor.



What is the tutor:student ratio?
We have a maximum of 8 students per tutor.


Do I need to bring any equipment?

Students should bring their own headphones or earphones. Smartphones can be used to take photos or videos that they can use as content for projects, to test games and apps and if they want us to load a game they have created onto their device.

Students should bring their own snacks or lunch, if and when necessary.

We provide laptops for the Junior Coder, Minecraft Adventures and Arduino courses. However all other classes require a BYOD (bring your own device). This will make it easier for students to install the programs they need to continue working independently at home after the course has finished.

If a student requires a laptop for a class for which we normally do not provide a laptop, please make sure this is clearly stated in the registration form.

Other specialist equipment is normally provided although we may recommend that a student invest in their own devices or tech equipment if they should wish to continue developing their projects after the course has finished. More information is available upon request.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At present we accept bank transfer payments. Please use the the bank account details which are specified in the Contract form.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors come from vary different professional backgrounds and are of mixed nationalities. They do not all possess a strong background in education and this is intentional as we do not wish our tutors to teach, but to mentor and guide our students. All our tutors have undergone training with our UK and US based Partners in the curriculum of the courses they lead as well as in-house FUTURA mission and values training for tutors.

All our tutors are obliged to work according to the rules of the Student Safety Policy.

What if my child persistently behaves in a disruptive manner during the sessions?

We aim to ensure that each student fully benefits from the courses and therefore we encourage creativity and a fun, friendly environment. However we cannot accept disruptive or dangerous behave which hinders progress of the course or poses a problem to other, fellow students.

Therefore our tutors have been instructed to let any disruptive student know that their behaviour is not acceptable and if it persists, the board of founders of FUTURA may decide to suspend or expel such a student from the programme.

How can I be sure my child leaves the course with an authorised person?

Parents will be required to indicate in the registration form who is authorised to pick up the child / children at the end of each course session. We kindly request that children be picked up punctually however in an emergency situation where that is not possible, the tutor will remain an extra 15 minutes after the session with any child / children who have not been picked up.

If a parent is delayed in picking up their child more than three times, this child can be expelled from the course without the possibility of claiming a refund. The safety and welfare of our students is a top priority and we expect parents to help ensure that this is kept at the highest possible standard.

The person who has been authorised to pick up the child after the session will need to show an ID card for verification purposes.

FUTURA Innovative Education does not take responsibility for children who have not been picked up at the scheduled time.

Can I see what my kids are doing during the courses?

Parents will be invited to special events which are scheduled for some of the courses. Parents are also invited to talk to the tutors at the end of each session.

What is your refunds and cancellation policy?

Please consult our Contract for further details.

Please note that you may also send your questions and queries to


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